Orchard Ridge

we are dedicated and feel it is our responsibility to preserve our land
and create the least impact on our environment.

Orchard Ridge Farms
Organic Apple Orchard

5,000 Tree Organic Apple Orchard, 130 Acres,  and organically grown gardens throughout the property.

Richard Spanton Jr and Chrissie Spanton started Orchard Ridge Farms in 2006 being dedicated to the organic approach to the land.
The dream for Richard was to have an apple orchard, now the 130 acre private estate is home to an organic apple orchard, The Pavilion, and "Award-Winning" Copperstone Inn, a luxury bed and breakfast.

Recent News

Pruning for the 2015 Apple Season
February, 1, 2015


Our philosophy at Orchard Ridge Farms is simple:
everything we do on the farm is to better our land.


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