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A Forever Valentine

A Forever Valentine

First, some history on this lovers’ holiday. Over the years, Valentine’s Day evolved into an occasion when courtly love began to flourish… this dates back to the 1400’s! Anyways, two romantics expressed their love for each other by presenting floral, offering confectionery, and sending love notes (known as “valentines“).

Now fast-forward hundreds of years, and you’ll find that this holiday continues traditions in which lovers show their affection with flowers, gourmet chocolates, diamonds, fine dining, and so on. Hey, wait a minute… Valentine’s, this day of total romance, sounds quite a bit like the traditions of a wedding! Seems as though there wouldn’t be a better way to exchange vows than on this day of passion.

If you agree with us, we’ve got five wedding tips to help you plan your most romantic day. A Valentine’s Wedding.

Show your Love. Look for inspiration from your own love story and pull in details that reflect your relationship: where you met, how the proposal went down, or your favorite things to do together. Write these out in your own words and express them during the exchange of vows.


Set The Mood. Nothing says “romance” better than a dimly lit room with tons of candles. This will shine even brighter if you choose sequined or silky table linens. 



Design Inspiration. Choose romantic shades of reds & pinks, and beautiful roses. These punchy blooms and their bold colors are perfect for a wintry wedding.



Have Your Cake. Select a red filling (like red velvet cake or fresh strawberries) so that each slice will have a hint of color.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

Give Em Some Sugar. Valentine’s Day is a day to indulge. Consider serving decadent desserts like individual-size chocolate cakes that are drizzled with raspberry syrup or dark chocolate-dipped fruits. Or heck, just go all out with an offering of gourmet sweets. 


Don’t forget to let your guests know how much you love them before this blissful event is over. Leave them a handwritten message—love notes, if you will— present the notes in glass bottles at each place setting for a fun favor. Cheers to love and forever Valentine’s!HFP_3696-XL

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