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Commonly Asked Questions from our Brides-to-Be

There is nothing more exciting than signing that freshly printed Pavilion contract, making your wedding official. It is the moment that all the fun begins, and your creative juices begin to flow; diving into a design, customizing your Henrici’s menu, choosing linens, trying on gorgeous gowns, selecting vendors, and it’s all for beautiful evidence of you and your groom.


That all sounds fabulous, but let’s admit that along the way you may have some stress and frustration out of wanting the wedding day to just get here already! That is why our team is here to help you remember that planning a wedding should be nothing short of happiness and excitement… Each day you come to us with different questions, it is our job as The Pavilion and Henrici’s Team to reassure you that we are here to guide you along the way.

Here are some common questions that we feel will ease your mind as you depart on this incredible journey to “I Do”.

Q. Who will be our point of contact during the planning process?  

A. Kacie, The Pavilion Sales Coordinator, and Bobbi, Henrici’s Catering Manager, will be your main contacts throughout your planning. 

Kacie with The Pavilion will handle any logistical questions (i.e. the reservation process, questions during the planning pertaining to the space, vendor recommendations, planning recommendations, wedding day timelines, floor plans, etc.). You can contact Kacie anytime at (815) 629.2220 or 

Bobbi with Henrici’s Catering will take care of all questions and information relating to food and beverage. You can contact Bobbi anytime at (815) 484.9130 or

Q. We booked our wedding date at The Pavilion and would like to begin selecting wedding vendors. How do we know what vendors we need and who we should choose?   

A. After reserving your wedding date, you should begin selecting wedding vendors fairly quickly to ensure availability. Some common vendors we know you’ll need will be a baker, dj, florist, photographer, and wedding day hair/makeup.

We suggest choosing vendors directly from our preferred list to make your life that much easier and your wedding day that much smoother. Check those vendors out here

Keep in mind that you are welcome to search out other vendors for different planning aspects, and you can reach out to Kacie for suggestions. Some vendors we did not list might be furniture rental companies, officiants, ceremony musicians, or even carriage services! 

Q. HELP! What hotel and shuttle information do you recommend for our traveling wedding guests? 

A. We suggest that if your guests are traveling from the Chicagoland, you choose our recommended Rockford area hotels; Rockford hotels are a.) Conveniently located off of the interstate, making swift travel for your guests and b.) Work directly with specific shuttle companies, allowing for one stop planning (there is also the potential for a discounted shuttle rate!) The Rockford hotels are listed below…

The North Central Group

John Gleason
815.721.8533 or
Bethany Bohn 
815.229.0404 or 
Vicki Fletcher 
815.397.6222 or 
We suggest that if your guests are traveling from Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, you choose our recommended Beloit, WI. area hotels. Many of these properties do not work with a specific charter company, so we have listed them for you.  The Beloit hotels and shuttles are listed below…
Candice Overby
608.365.2200 or 
Susan Humbach 
608.362.6000 or 
Darla Thomas 
608.362.5500 or

Rand_Davey 21

Q. How can we customize our catering package? 

A. One of the greatest perks to working with an exclusive caterer is that you are our only focus. This allows us the time and creativity to tailor menus that fit your style… From BBQ to Brunch, S’Mores Stations to Sangria Stations, we pride ourselves on bringing your imagination to life. 

While we love to customize events, we understand that not all couples want to utilize this option. This is why we also have a 5-star menu for you to select from. Our menu has been created by a team of passionate chefs and is a great option for those who wish to leave the imagination to our team. 
So, whether you want an Asian Fusion Menu with a Banana Split Bar, or you’d prefer a more traditional plated meal option, fear not… we are here to perfectly execute your big event. 
Table Scape
Q. Are most couples choosing a buffet or plated menu? 
A. We have found that plated meals have begun to trend more and more, and we believe that there are two reasons for this:
Room Layout: Buffets take up space, a lot of space. When developing your floor plan and event design, keep in mind that a buffet for 200 guests requires 6, 8′ long banquet tables! This means less space for your custom floor plan.
Style: We find that The Pavilion lends an elegant and relaxing vibe. A plated meal resembles just that– elegance and relaxation. 
Q. How do we select our linens and what is included?
A. So that we may provide the best service in every aspect, we work with a professional, local linen service. Event Floral has been so great to work with from the aspect of linens, which is why some brides even choose them for both floral and design. One stop shop… Score!
The linens included in your package are floor length polyester for all dining and food service tables, and are available in many colors. Additional linen options are also available through Event Floral. Check them out here.

So there you have it, a few of the most commonly asked questions. Now go on and plan the best wedding you know how. This is a once in a lifetime, and it is meant to reflect you.


The Pavilion & Henrici’s Catering Team


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