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Creating a Killer Cocktail Hour in 5 Simple Steps

Creating a Killer Cocktail Hour in 5 Simple Steps

Cocktail hour holds much importance, as it is the grand entrance, a welcoming, and sets the mood for the evening. Planning for an epic party?… consider inviting your guests in with a mixer full of energized music and colorful libations. Make sense?! Now read on for our take on 5 simple steps to creating the killer cocktail hour for any affair!

1. Signature Drinks: By greeting your guests with a chilly beverage (or something toasty for the cooler months), you’re sure to start the evening off right! Butler passed cocktails are also a way to steer away from a bothersome bottle-neck at the bar. For this reason, be sure to also place drink stations towards the back of the room for better traffic flow.12998699_1685250211728455_4704899549070114874_n

2. Comfy Seating: Part of the beauty to hosting your wedding at Orchard Ridge Farms, is utilizing the gorgeous grounds as an extension of your event space. Over sized loungers and fluffy ottomans make for an ultra relaxing space to mingle. Consider scattering high and low cocktail tables with colorful linens (as a deep contrast to your scheme) throughout the room for your guests to rest their drinks.1175461_859804534034874_4400372237082303617_n

3. Musical Tastes: Whether it’s subtle instrumentals or your favorite DJ spinning disks, make sure your tunes are set just right. The music during cocktail will play a part in setting the tone for the entire night. And heck, why even wait until after dinner to pack the dance floor!?Rach and Ryan

4. Interactive Hors d’oeuvres: Who doesn’t love to eat? This is really as simple as a, b, c…. Ask for creative ideas from your chefs, as these professionals can take your design and turn it into food. Be sure to offer a variety — There’s nothing worse than being served the same hors d’oeuvre over and over again. Choose a few butler passed hors d’oeuvres, while also pairing with a station or two — some hot, some cold, some crispy, some creamy.11079691_1566139970306147_6857950497392974262_n

5. Personalize and Entertain: Who said a wedding has to be full of stuffy traditions?! Make room in your plans for games, goofy photo opts, or even a caricature artist for a memorable favor!Wedding-at-Orchard-Ridge-Farms-The-Pavilion-0102110494583_10203490705125577_4082412222738709435_n

There you have it. We’ll drink, eat well, and be entertained all before the night even begins! Contact Cortney, Henrici’s Catering Manager, for further thoughts on creating your cocktail hour. (815) 629.2220 ext. 16 or

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