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New Year, New Me!

It’s a new year! So much has happened in 2017 that I am forever grateful for… In a nutshell – more good ole’ life stuff went down, a ton of laughs, some cries, and still so much love! The best part about this new 2018th year is that today marks exactly one year until I become Mrs. Vandiver.  In the beginning of my blogging journey I mentioned to you that I would share my experiences, advice, and suggestions. I am not going to fall short for you, so today I will share some (semi-wise… and ‘semi-wise’ because I think my age bracket still classifies me as young and dumb) advice that you can take with you on your own wedding adventure.

Just before the holidays, in all of my red and green Christmas cheer, I was stopped all at once in my jolly reindeer tracks; I received a very heartbreaking email from a bride. This strong young woman was sending back her final wedding details with a note that read “Some of these items will need to be changed as I lost my father in a car accident this week. If it’s ok, I’ll update you after Christmas”. My heart stopped and I immediately broke into tears. I was at a loss for words. What do I write back?… I started typing random questions, “Do you still plan to host the wedding? When is the funeral? Will this change your guest count?” And then I paused and back spaced. I simply wrote “May you find comfort during this difficult time. Please let me know if there is absolutely anything The Pavilion Team can do to help.” With their wedding planned in just 3 short weeks, I figured that canceling would probably cause more confusion and heartache for their entire family.  And so I was right, this beautifully strong couple plan to be married tomorrow, Friday, January 12, 2018 (just ONE year before my wedding). They will, without doubt, have an incredible day full of love and closeness – the true meaning of a wedding.

This story has taught me so much, and I will continue to take it with me and share it every day – For everyday I complain about not losing an inch off my waist, for stressing about why the neoclassical font isn’t just so on the invitations, for the money that doesn’t quite seem to accumulate in our wedding account, and for all the other temper tantrums that I could potentially burst into along the way, I will stop in my tracks and think about all I do have.

So here is my advice to you beloved readers: take a moment and remind yourself what the absolute most important moment of your wedding day will be. Take that moment, write it down on paper, and put it in an empty bottle or box – cap it off tight, but when you’re having a wedding meltdown, hold onto it, close your eyes, and remember what it says. Bring this moment with you on your wedding day, and then start a new important moment for each new year that you and Mr. Right are together. I can assure you that these little moments will make you remember why the big fluffy stuff isn’t so significant sometimes!

IMG_8075{Jason and I on our 4th Annual North Woods, New Years trip!}

I am forever grateful for the experience of a wedding in an absolutely breathtaking venue, and I am truly blessed to be able to share it healthy and happy with the love of my life, my family and closet friends beside me.

Cheers to a new you and a new last name! Until next time,

Future Mrs. Vandiver


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