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Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

This time-honored wedding tradition was once thought to give a bride good luck on her wedding day, and to also guarantee fertility and prosperity in her marriage. In later years, it has certainly become a charming ritual that brides incorporate into their wedding day for tradition.

Bride’s spend precious time during their wedding planning searching for these meaningful pieces of “something”, but is old, new, borrowed, or blue what will be reminisced 30 years from your wedding? Or, will each sacred moments that you celebrate on your special day be the best remembrance?


Here are a few wedding day moments that we know you will cherish forever.

Gazing at your ring with excited eyes on the morning of the wedding… It will resemble the exact feeling of  waking up on Christmas morning as a young child…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-7

Waking up in the Queens Retreat with your best girls…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-56

Exchanging a meaningful gift with the special women in your life whom helped you become the person you are today…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-80

Taking a moment to spend time with a very special guest…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-20brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-21

A simple love letter to yours truly…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-24


Putting on your gown, looking at yourself in the mirror, and acknowledging that you are about to embark on a new chapter of your life…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-82

Just moments to the ceremony — the feeling that you’ll begin right before you see your forever groom…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-103

Walking down the aisle and everything that surrounds you is quiet and surreal…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-198

Finally being pronounced to all of your family and friends as Mr. and Mrs… brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-237

A little time alone with your new husband before the celebrations begin…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-154


Entering The Pavilion to see your guests and all of the hard work planning for this beautiful occasion come to life…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-245

Dancing your heart out…brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-289

And finally, as the night settles, your first goodnight kiss as husband and wife.brennanjade-blogfavs-elladelephotography-294

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