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Thoughts From a Bride-to-Be: Wedding Advice You’ll Want to Hear

I have been on a major planning kick over the past few weeks – I’m talking met with the florist, finalized colors, designed centerpieces, had a tasting with Henrici’s Catering, hired a band, scheduled the cake tasting, made some fun wedding purchases, and OH, said YES to the dress! In fact, not to brag, I am pretty much right on the same time track as my cousin’s wedding plans {if you can remember her, the cousin bride} and her wedding is in August – months before mine! But you know what?… I can’t really take all of the credit on this productivity. Even though I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff squared away, I really do think that I’ve annoyed quite a few of my closest industry friends along the way {strange, I know}. I’ve been asking them tons of questions, turning to them for suggestions, & I have even leaned on them for favors. What I am saying here is that during these last few weeks something dawned on me – If I didn’t have this amazing group of event industry folks to turn to, what in the heck would I do?

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I’ll tell you exactly what I would do. I would save time in my life and room in my budget for an “industry friend”, a wedding coordinator! Here’s why…

I have been selling a bride’s dreams for almost six years now, but it was this very moment of being a bride myself and bugging the crap out of my people, that I began to understand the value of a wedding coordinator. It’s the value of having someone during your wedding planning to call for honest opinions, vendor recommendations, & design assistance… someone to even take time and find you the best deals for gosh sakes! Not to mention the value of relief it is to have this person there on the day of your wedding; someone to take your wedding vision and make it happen. Could you even put a dollar amount on that? Dumb question, I know. Everything has a price tag! Consider it this way, though…

You’ve spent thousands of dollars hiring different wedding vendors, buying items to build your design, & have put so much blood, sweat and tears into creating this masterpiece of a day. Why let it fall short at the very end? Here’s where my advice you’ll want to hear comes in – Hire a Wedding Professional. Listen, I like to think I’m good at what I do, but I’ve found during my planning that I still turn to my people for guidance – and let me tell you, this guidance has been more precious to me than anything else in my wedding experience thus far {aside from Jason & the engagement, of course!}.

Here’s the best part of my advice, though. The Pavilion has a new guy around, The Wedding Coordinator. His name is Shane and he has been hired by The Pavilion to be that “industry friend”. He understands the importance of creating a magical, stress-free day. His excellence in customer service and professionalism will make your event a huge success. I can tell you this much, he will certainly be making an appearance for Jason and I on Friday, January 11, 2019. Allow him to be your industry friend too. If you’d like to learn more, just connect with me! I’d to chat. (815) 629.2220

Until next time fellow-brides,

Future Mrs. Vandiver

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