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Thoughts From A Bride-to-Be: Bridal Budgeting

Ahh, hello! We meet again, fellow brides. I certainly hope that you’ve all been anxiously awaiting my next big and exciting entry. But, dun… dun… dun… sorry to say nothing too major has taken place other than writing thank you cards to those who came to our engagement gathering! However, we have set a budget, which is what I will ramble on about today…Blog #2 pic

Bridal budgeting can get a little tricky because if this is your first time planning a wedding, how the heck should you even know what to spend?! Here’s the bottom line: know what’s most important to you. For example, have you dreamed about the perfect venue? Do you want show-stopping flowers? Is food your number one priority? Will photographs that capture memories be where you allot a larger amount of your budget? Or, is it most important for you to splurge on a DJ so your guests can hit the dance floor all-night-long? Break it down, and please, just with a good old fashion pen and paper. Trust me, there is no need for fancy excel spreadsheets (quite yet, anyways!). Sit down with a coffee and just jot down your priorities, from high to low. I’ll even share mine and Jason’s. We’ve come up with six…

1. A wedding less “traditional” and more reflective of who we are and how we met.

2. A beautiful space with excellent service and hospitality – I mean hell-ooh, I work for a leading venue and it’s just in my blood now!

3. Great music. Jason loves music! I’d even go as far to say he’s the karaoke king.

4. Ambiance is important, and to me especially. Creating a mood (an overall design) will set the tone for the entire evening. Jason and I want that to feel romantic and completely inviting to all of our guests.

5. Our families love food so that is certainly important. However, we’ve determined that it doesn’t have to be a major wow factor that includes surf and turf with elaborate garnishes. We want a menu that is hearty, simple and reflects our favorites dishes.

6. I suppose you could say I’ve never really loved photos of myself, but I most certainly understand how special it is to have captured wedding memories to look back on!

See, it’s that easy. Now that you’ve started from the top with what’s most important to you, you can break down the numbers. Many vendors will have pricing on their websites, but if they don’t, just give them a ring and ask questions! As a sales coordinator, I can personally say that I absolutely appreciate when brides give me an exact spending amount. Exact spending will help steer you to your next planning aspect — Which date and space fits within my wedding budget? So I’ll leave you on this note, brides and grooms… Come up with a budget, determine your priorities, research pricing, and begin booking!

Stayed tuned to find out when and where Jason and I have booked our big day…



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