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THOUGHTS FROM A BRIDE-TO-BE: Bring on a bridal party!

This week I have wedding on the mind – save the dates are almost ready to be dropped in the mail, I’ve scheduled a meeting with my fav florist {I’ll certainly share these details with you later on}, and I will {hopefully} be saying “Yes!” to the dress this weekend! It’s all pretty darn exciting, if I do say so myself.

One odd thought crossed my mind this week as I was searching for bridesmaids dresses – a bridal party.  I mean how silly… matching dresses you’ll never wear again, standing awkwardly in a row next to the bride and groom as they recite intimate vows, and then all sitting together on display at a dinner table? What in the actual… whoops, I’ll stop myself there!

You have to admit, the thought of a bridal party is bit odd! Odd enough that I felt the need to do some basic research on the history of a “bridal party”. In a nutshell, I’ve discovered that a bridal party dates all the way back to Ancient Rome! It was a time where highly-honored guests wore matching attire, ten maids and ten men {and ten, because Roman law required ten witnesses to be present} stood by the bride and groom to protect them from evil spirits, and then they feasted together in celebration! After my brief study I thought “Ahhh, ok – see that makes sense now.”

I’m all about honoring traditions, so bring on a bridal party! Jason and I have a ton of close family and friends. Choosing a bridal party was a smidge difficult to say the least… We asked those to stand next to us on our big day that have made an impact in our lives, and who we would do anything for in return! If you ask me, good old ancient history has been carried on quite well… We are excited to share the big day, standing next to our very best “witnesses”.


{I asked the girls to “bundle up” & be a bridesmaid at our wintry wedding}


{Jason asked the guys to “buck up” & be a groomsmen for our woodsy wedding}

Until next time Beloved readers,

Future Mrs. Vandiver



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