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Thoughts From a Bride-To-Be: Choosing a Venue

Why hello Beloved Readers!

It sure has been a while. I have been taking some time to gather my “wedded” thoughts. I know, I know… I’ve taken too much time, but here I am! Are you wondering the reason behind my absence? Well, we had a baby… a puppy baby! Finlee is the newest addition to our lives. We absolutely adore her. So far she sleeps a ton, chews on everything, and has even become my office buddy one day a week (although, those days are most definitely coming to an end because she’s getting far too feisty)!

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Ok, now back to my wedding. Today is exciting for me because I am sharing the venue that Jason and I have chosen to host our wedding. We have made our decision on three determining factors; well, actually four. Here goes…

As the exploration for venue options began, something dawned on me. It was a rainy Monday morning and I was driving down Yale Bridge Road to work. When I pulled into the property of Orchard Ridge Farms, I slowed down, looked around, and I realized that nothing could possibly compare to such a magnificent space. Even on it’s gloomiest day (and a Monday, too!.. yuck), that building stands so stately and grand. The grounds of Orchard Ridge Farms are impeccable at every season, the entry doors of The Pavilion take my breath away (even six years later), and the quietness of the countryside calms me. Most importantly, it is a place so dear to my heart. I have met so many beautiful couples and have experienced immense amounts of love walk through the doors of this place. It was that day, driving to work, I discovered that The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms is where I wished to host my own wedding. I took a photo of that moment to document my wedding journey — no staging, no fluff, no filter, no cropping, no editing, no nothing… just pure beauty on a dark day.


Aside from my big a-ha moment, I also mentioned that we had three other determining factors which played a role in our venue decision.

1. Pricing compared to venue offerings. This was a no-brainer. The Pavilion offered incomparable pricing to other venues we considered, during the time of year we selected. We chose a winter date and the rates are outstanding! Above all, the inclusiveness of what the venue offers, in comparison with those rates, is astonishing. Everything from tables and chairs, to linens and china, to venue coordination and five-star service — it was all there and exactly what I wanted. Heck, it’s what I’m use to and I had to have it!

2. Overall ambiance. I am sure you read my previous post about how Jason and I met — on a trip to the north woods. The Pavilion 100% fit that north woods feel, without actually having to travel to the great north. I will certainly delve into design down the road, but hands down, this was the best option. I CAN. NOT. WAIT. to talk about our scheme later on.

3. Service. I promise that I am speaking unbiased words here when I say the service offered by The Pavilion, Copperstone Inn and Henrici’s Catering is few and far between. I call service with Orchard Ridge Farms “Triple C” — Constant communication, customization, and Coordination. When you reserve your wedding with Orchard Ridge Farms, you are taken care of until they wish you well at the end of your big day. I am planning my wedding, and the last thing I want to fear is micromanaging a team of what should be professionals. In terms of service, you should have a comfort level of 110 when booking a wedding venue.

So lo and behold, now you know! The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms is where we will host our wedding on January 11, 2019. I look forward to continuing all of my thoughts, which hopefully will be much more organized now that I have a date and place! Until next time.

Yours truly,

The Future Mrs. Vandiver


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