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THOUGHTS FROM A BRIDE-TO-BE: Have No Fear, Your Emergency Bridal Kit is here!

It never fails, The Pavilion Team always has different requests from brides, for items that were forgotten to be packed on a wedding day – many of times we have what a bride is looking for, but there are certainly a few things that you shouldn’t forget to pack when you gear up for your big day…

Wedding day emergency kits can often be found all over the web for brides to purchase. However, you’re stuck with items that you might not ever use, while also missing out on some items that you really need. That’s why it’s a great idea for a bride to put together her own wedding-day kit, so she can gather a customized collection that will help her get through the big day. Here are some items to consider!

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Earring backs and an extra pair of studs: Some brides put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect jewelry, and your earrings just might be the perfect finishing touch to your bridal look. Make sure they stay in throughout the night by keeping some extra backs on hand. Also consider packing an extra pair of simple studs if you find that your hair is catching in them all night and you need a quick change.

Finishing face powder or spray: You’re most likely going to have all of the mascara, concealer and brushes that you need on the wedding day. However, you might not think of finishing powder/ spray. This can help keep your face in place throughout the entire night, and also prevents you from looking shiny after sweatin’ it up on the dance floor. You definitely don’t need to break the bank to find a working product. For example, check out the ELF Makeup Mist and Set.

Mini swing kit: A needle and thread are musts for fixing snags, tears or other wardrobe malfunctions. Consider a kit like this one from Amazon that has a variety of thread colors – ideal for helping out with your bridal party as well! You’re sure to be a life-saver if you have this on hand.

Static guard: Even if everything laid flat during your fittings, you might face some static as you get your dress and veil on. It’s nothing that a small bottle of Static Guard Spray can’t fix.

Strapless bra: Your dress will stay put when you try it on, but once you get moving and dancing, you might notice it start to slip. Make sure you can keep your dress in place by investing in a high-quality, comfortable strapless bra that offers the perfect amount of support.

Chocolate-covered espresso beans: Pre-wedding jitters can keep a bride up the night before, leaving them a smidge sleepy. Chocolate-covered espresso beans are a great way to get a burst of spark, without the worry of spilled coffee or energy drink all over your wedding whites!

Cell phone charger: You may not think that you’ll be on your phone as you get ready to walk down the aisle, but you’ll likely want it for taking a few quick photos, for changing last-minute details with your vendors, or for just checking your lipstick! Be sure you keep your phone charged up and ready to go.

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It can get a little stressful thinking of things that might go wrong on the day of your wedding, but rest assured – it will all fall right into place!

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