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Thoughts From a Bride-to-Be: Honeymoonin’

The honeymoon is booked! It was quite the trek, though. We started with good ole’ Mexico, thought about a European vacation, chatted about Costa Rico, booked St. Martin {but then cancelled it 24 hours later}, and finally ended up with a Caribbean trip, La Romana, Dominican Republic! Phew. Here’s how it went down…


Photo: Lauren Athalia Travel

Just like many wedding couples that I encounter, Jason & I have that champagne taste on a beer budget. So far in our plans, in terms of cost, we’ve done an excellent job of prioritizing most important details to the least. With our honeymoon, we wanted to stick to those same priorities. We want something completely relaxing. We love to eat and drink. We love the beach and swimming. We love adventure, but we’re not adventurous {basically meaning we like organized adventure – a guide telling us how the adventure is going down & an adventure that includes food and bev!}. Most importantly, we don’t want to spend more than X amount. With all of these must-have’s, an all-inclusive resort seems to be the best fit.


Photo: Lauren Athalia Travel

After establishing the must-have’s, we had a little homework. We needed to find a destination that fit within our “beer money” budget. We looked at places that seemed suitable to our taste. I found a ton of guidance from traveler’s blogs, travel reviews, and even YouTube videos of real-life traveler footage! We did some of our own research, but found the most help {ok, a ton of help} from our travel agent, Vacations by Veronika.

We narrowed down our spot! With beautiful white beach access, tons to explore in the community, stunning suites, and all-inclusive amenities, this new{er} resort that offered some great deals to reel vacationer’s in, allowed us to stay true to our budget – Dreams Dominicus La Romana Resort and Spa.

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Photo: Lauren Athalia Travel

My advice for planning the honeymoon is as easy as 1, 2, 3… Oddly enough, Veronika couldn’t have agreed more. Check out our suggestions…

1. Plan ahead

Veronika’s thoughts: The ideal time to book your honeymoon is six to eight months prior, especially if you’re planning to go to a specialized resort {adults only}, as premium rooms book up early.

Kacie’s thoughts: Exactly. As I’ve mentioned, this planning process took us some time, so unfortunately, we lost out on the honeymoon suite we really wanted. Thankfully though, Veronika will keep an eye on the reservation for us if it should happen to open back up!

2. Set up a budget:

Veronika’s thoughts: It always makes me nervous when a couple wants a seven-night luxury stay with an ocean view, but can only afford five nights in a 2- to 3-star hotel. Set up a budget and stick to it. I am here to help find you the best value for what you’re willing to spend.

Kacie’s thoughts: Yes! She is totally right. Set a budget and stay with it. Heck, if there isn’t any money left in the budget, and say you’re getting married in August, wait until the winter season to fly south so you can take time to save back up! Overall, don’t vacation beyond your means.

 3. Use a Travel Agent: 

Veronika’s thoughts: If you want extra guidance planning your honeymoon, travel agents can come in handy! We have insider knowledge on deals and discounts, and we cultivate personal relationships with hoteliers {which can sometimes mean a room’s suddenly available in a booked-solid hotel, just as Kacie was describing about the honeymoon suite they wanted}. We can save you endless research time and can offer first-hand destination experience. I’ve been to many resorts and destinations, so I can help you choose the perfect spot that is just the fit for you. Not to mention, not only do I handle all of the planning and researching, but I can provide assistance while traveling if you run into a problem while on your honeymoon. My job is not finished until my clients return home!

Kacie’s thoughts: Right on, Veronika! And boy does she mean it. We went straight back to Veronika just after cancelling our St. Martin trip – it was she who suggested thoughts that never even crossed my mind… logistics of our shuttling, excursion details, what the surroundings would look like in terms of Hurricane Irma aftermath, & overall cost associated with a non all-inclusive!

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Photo: Lauren Athalia Travel

Until next time, happy honeymooner’s… Bon voyage!

Future Mrs. Vandiver

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