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Thoughts From a Bride-to-Be: How to Be The Best Bride

Thoughts From a Bride-to-Be: How to Be The Best Bride

Hello Beloved Brides!

“How to be the best bride”. Doesn’t every girl want to be the Best. Bride. Ever? I certainly do, but quite frankly, I have no idea on what that even means. I am eager to know what makes a bride the best bride. So, I did what anyone does, I Googled it. The sad thing — you know what I found? I found articles on how to please your future mother-in-law, how to make your bridesmaids happy, how to save money, or just an immense laundry list of “To-do’s” — all of which totally overwhelmed the heck out of me. It actually made me laugh. I am pondering if this day is really for my fiance and I, or if I’m just planning a grand soiree to stress myself out, only to host a party for everyone else. I need to simplify it for myself and for all of the other ladies out there just trying to become a dang wife — Here’s what I’ve come up with…

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I’ve decided on four, very simple, do’s for how to be the best bride. Please prepare yourself to feel satisfied!

1. Stay true to you. Hey, that’s easy right?! Focus on who you are and what is most important to you. Sure, Pinterest helps you dream, but don’t let it fail you for dreaming something that you know is just too large. Here’s what I mean — Me personally, I’d love a Cinderella wedding with white horses, a carriage, and all sorts of stunning decor, but ya know what?… Unfortunately, my bank account is proving that I simply can not have it all. And you know what else?… It is OK, because that is not who I am; I live a simple life, I enjoy the little things, I am not lavish, and that is what my wedding is going to reflect. Try to block out anyone or anything that dictates what type of wedding you should have.

2. Sweat off the small stuff. You heard me. If you’re freaking out because your bridesmaids can’t all settle on a dress that fits them right, then you have a problem. What I’m saying is just don’t sweat the small stuff — Meet in the middle. Maybe let your bridesmaids choose what style dress they want and collaborate the color for them. Done and done.

My fiance always tells me to “choose my battles”, and this couldn’t be better advice for a bride, really.  I know I’ll keep this on my mind throughout our planning. Stay on track and focus on what matters the most.

3. Stay calm and carry on. This may sound impossible with the stresses of everyday life coming at you, but try to relax. There are times I receive phone calls from bridezillas (yeah, I said it) who are worried they’ve fallen off of their “suggested wedding timeline”, which they’ve found from an online template. Listen, cool it. Wedding planning resources are only guidelines. While they can be super helpful, try to not let them consume you. You are doing a fantastic job and you know it — devise a plan, make some calls, crunch some numbers, DIY a smidge, and let. it. happen.

4. Have a freaking blast! After it’s all said and done, whether you ended up getting those doves to fly out of a box at your ceremony or not, guess what?!… You’ll still be married. Just enjoy every second. Include your family and friends, make memories, share stories, and laugh. You’re only going to do this once and you want to make it the best it can be.

So, be the best bride.  Show everyone what you and your guy are all about, stay cool, and be marry!

Until next time,

Future Mrs. Vandiver

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