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Thoughts From a Bride-to-Be: Putting Your Wedding Professionals to Work

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the sight of wedding professionals…

Behind the Scenes

Did you just ask yourself what in the heck is she talking about?! Well if you did, GREAT! That is exactly what I’m about to embark on; the importance of putting your wedding professionals to work, without added stress of bridal micromanaging.  The service and advice your wedding vendors will provide are invaluable. Here’s why…

Wedding professionals (and by “wedding professionals” I’m talking a dj, baker, wedding coordinator, photographer, videographer, band, florist, and so on…) are worth their weight in gold. When you hire a wedding professional, you are not just paying for their services, you are 100% benefiting from their total experience.  You’ve hired these folks because they have chosen to provide this service as their passion — they do what they do best.


Let me break this down a little further by answering two, and what should be, very simple questions — Why do you hire a wedding professional? And, how can you rely on this person to flawlessly manage your wedding day dreams?

Why did you hire a professional anyways? This is really best described by Jan Brenner and Jennifer Ahearn, editors with Here Comes the Guide. It’s simple, they say.

1. They’re experienced. They’re accustomed to the pressures of a wedding and are prepared for just about every contingency.

2. They work for you. You can tell them what to do and they’ll carry out your directives. Friends and relatives are also guests, and might neglect their “job.” Plus, working with a professional is a straightforward business arrangement, while working with friends and family can lead to awkward situations and damaged relationships.

3. They have better equipment (including backup gear) and are expert at using it. Uncle Bob’s camera does have lots of megapixels and zippy features, but his favorite setting is “autofocus.”

4. They give you peace of mind. Which is (say it with us!) priceless.


How can you rely on this person to flawlessly manage your wedding day dreams? Now we know why we need them, which hopefully was a no-brainer. That is unless you’re a jack of all trades, have loads of time & money, and can bust this whole shin-dig out on your own… I didn’t think so! Anyways, so now how exactly can you rely on a wedding professional to flawlessly manage your wedding day?

1. Talk it out. Be open and upfront before you sign on any dotted lines. Are you wanting something your venue can’t offer, but hoping that it will magically appear 8 months down the road? Ehhhr. Not going to happen! Let ALL of your wedding professionals know EXACTLY what your expectations are. No one likes surprises unless there’s cake & balloons involved.

2. Communicate. It’s as simple as that. Are you feeling like maybe you don’t want to do a first look before your ceremony after-all? Or, maybe you had a strange dream that the pink peonies clashed with the rest of your decor?… COMMUNICATE that with the people you’ve hired, and please, in a timely manner… AKA, not the day of your wedding!

3. Be open to their advice and suggestions. This is where that micromanaging would be best uninserted! Allow those professionals, whom are passionate about the world of weddings, to make their suggestions count. They’ve certainly done this a time or two, and have a grand idea on how it should be done. For example: Say you’re thinking of a receiving line immediately following the ceremony, at your 300 person wedding, and it turns out the weather is 90 degrees and sunny — I’m suggesting that you be open to a wedding coordinators change to ixnay the receiving line altogether so that your guests can get out of the sun quickly. Following a professionals advice will lead to a smoothly run event with happy wedding guests.

4. Provide detailed information. Share and summarize your big day with all parties involved. This here is the biggie! After all the planning is said and done, you’re not quite over yet… ALL vendors, and I stress ALL, need final details. This means confirming specific timelines, floor plan details, wedding day contacts, shared vendor contact information, vendor arrival times, and any other miscellaneous details (and I’m sure there will be a lot!). Most wedding vendors reach out to gather the details they will need about 1-2 months ahead of time, but make it a point to summarize all of your plans with them no later than 1 week prior to your wedding day. For example: If there is family drama amongst your group, MAKE. IT. KNOWN. If your Aunt Jan needs wheelchair accessibility, MAKE. IT. KNOWN. If you want champagne served to you the moment you walk down the aisle, MAKE. IT. KNOWN. Share these final thoughts with the appropriate wedding vendors to ensure your expectations are met.

There you have it.  Following this simple guideline to knowing why we need wedding professionals and taking the time to understand how to turn your most prized day over to them should lead to a flawlessly, wonderful wedding. Cheers!

Until next time,

The Future Mrs. Vandiver <3



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