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Thoughts From a Bride To Be: The Honeymoon

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pondering the best part of wedding planning. The honeymoon! I’m calling the honeymoon “the best part of wedding planning” because it’s one-on-one time you and your new husband get together before heading back into the real world as a married couple. After it’s all said and done – the whirlwind of a million thoughts that have been running through your head on a daily basis, those stresses of making sure that everything is getting done (and on time!), and the anxiousness you’ve felt over all the fine details – taking some time away together to completely unwind and reflect on how awesome your wedding was is going to be important – Trust me!


I’ve reached out to our travel agent to gather some ideas, I’ve asked other married couples their thoughts on honeymoonin’, and I basically just did some good old Google searching (my favorite!) to understand where I should begin with these plans. What I’ve come up with is that honeymoon planning can be as simple as possible by taking these four tips into account…

  1. Dream of the destination

While some couples are drawn to the rolling waves, hot sun and sandy beaches, others are attracted to the bright lights and excitement of the city. Think about what setting you and your fiancé enjoy the most and explore your options from there. If you can’t decide, consider locations, like Las Vegas, that can give you the satisfaction of the quiet outdoors through the Red Rock and Grand Canyon or the shows, attractions, restaurants and nightlife of the city – Not to mention, warm weather, no need for a passport, and easy in the states travel… shoot, all sounds great to me!

  1. Figure out a timeline

You have to book your air and travel early, so think about when you want to take your honeymoon. Are you going to leave right after the reception to hop on a plane, or are you going to wait a few months for a different type of weather? Decide on a departure date and length of your trip, so you can take time off of work and make plans accordingly.

  1. Look out for deals

So important! You’re going to be spending a bit of money on your wedding, including the honeymoon. To cut down on costs, explore the web for deals that cater to your budget. Packaged travel deals to cities like Vegas are extremely helpful for finding both flight and hotel options that aren’t going to drain your wallet.

  1. Put yourselves first

As I’ve mentioned, most importantly, your honeymoon is time to get away from your busy lives and spend time as newlyweds. Don’t compromise or feel guilty about taking a much-deserved trip. Make sure you’re planning a trip that both of you will be able to enjoy. You’ve already had the perfect wedding, so make sure your honeymoon is just as perfect!

And now you’re ready for take off… Happy honeymoonin’!

Future Mrs. Vandiver

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