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Thoughts From A Bride-to-Be: The Wedding Registry

A great thought dawned on me…

I was chattin’ about the wedding with my fiancé and future mom-in-law last night. The wedding surely does seem to be the topic of discussion these days. Anyways, it dawned on me, “Ohh!, it will be my turn to register for wedding stuff!”. I will finally have the opportunity to grab a scanner and click away!

It is strange though, I never thought I’d say this… registering for a wedding seems like a confusing process. Jason and I have much of what we’d need/ want, because we’ve already started a “living together” lifestyle. Should I  scan for another set of dishes, silverware and bath accessories just because? No. The answer is no. No one needs anything they already have. Here are some fun things I’m thinking will make an appearance on our wedding registry…

1. A tent & sleeping bags. Not saying we’re big campers, but listen, when an opportunity comes a knocking, it sure would be great to just pull one out of the garage! And hey, back yard camping might even make for a fun date night!

2. A seasonal comforter. Last year around Christmas time I had my little heart set on the most adorable buffalo plaid comforter from Pottery Barn, but I chose not to spend extra money on myself around the holidays.

Come on though, how many of you girls would love to change your cozy bedding to match the season? All of you… so put it on the registry!

3. Blue Apron home chef. For the nights that you’re not feeling the grocery store and stove top, how much fun would a gourmet Blue Apron box, delivered right to your doorstep be? Wa-la!… dinner is served.

4. Laithwaite’s wine club. What is Laithwaite’s you ask?… A giant box of delicious wines delivered right to you. Jason and I love wine, and this quarterly delivery is a treat we look forward to. An order of wine would make us very happy campers!… and especially if we had a tent to drink it in!

So there. In conclusion, what I’ve explored is that a wedding registry doesn’t just have to be fine china and bath towels. Think outside the ‘gift’ box!

Until next time,

The Future Mrs. Vandiver






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