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Thoughts From A Bride-to-Be

Thoughts From A Bride-to-Be… and hey, it’s me!

Some of you beloved readers may already be familiar with my name here at Orchard Ridge Farms, but as a formal introduction, I am Kacie, The Pavilion’s Coordinator. I have worked with just over 500 brides (and grooms, too!) to help in creating their most important day. Now here I am going to be a bride myself! I am engaged and thought I would share my wedding journey with all of you. I would love nothing more than for you to enjoy my thoughts, relate to my stresses of planning, share ideas, and most importantly, chuckle over my obsessive compulsive bridal behavior (that I always said I’d never have but certainly know I will).

To begin, I can not count the many times I’ve heard things like “I bet you already have your entire wedding planned out?!”, or “Planning your own wedding is going to be a breeze!”. Well folks, I am here to tell you that is all 100% inaccurate. I am in fact like all of the 500+ brides I’ve worked with… lost in Pinterest, overwhelmed at budgeting, juggling family feedback, and losing sleep thinking about all of the 195,840,216 things that I need to start doing to make this thing happen. I am totally adrift in wedding thoughts! My hopes are that sharing this adventure will ease myself, as well as my fellow mind-wandering brides!

Before I dive in to this wedding expedition, and I am calling it an expedition because I’ll need an entire team to keep me sane, I will simply introduce the reason behind the plans for this white wedding…

We’re Jason and Kacie (see us down there!). We met up north on a snowmobiling “couple’s trip”, but just so happened to be the only single ones there. I’ll make a long story short — on that up north adventure I totaled a snowmobile (a very expensive snowmobile) and basically brought the entire trip to a hault. For some crazy reason, he still managed to completely fall in love with me.


Fast forward about three years. We’ve been through a lot of good old life stuff! I have moved into Jason’s home, which is a real fixer-upper and takes much of our time. Also, just in case any of you were wondering, we have since been on two more snowmobiling trips. I am certainly not permitted to drive, but I still have a blast just being his ride-or-die!

To continue on our love story… earlier this month, Jason decided to ask that big question while we were spending a weekend together in Nashville, Tennessee. Apparently he had an entire romantic dinner planned to “pop the question” one evening, but decided to go for it a little sooner… maybe his nerves had something to do with that?! It was just after a southern BBQ lunch and a little honkey-tonk, country bar hoppin’ —  there were no fireworks set off in the skyline, a photographer didn’t pop out of the bushes, and I didn’t have on my best dress. It was just us. I heard him say “Will you marry me, Kacie?” and I honestly don’t even think I looked at the dang ring until about 5 minutes later. I was in total shock and of course, tears of happiness were flowing. So just like that… BAM! I have a fiancé and it is a beautiful feeling.

I will conclude my first blog with a small piece of newly-engaged advice; spend a few weeks ADORING that moment before plunging into all your bridal dreams. Be with family, share your story, and begin to talk through what is most important and reflects the two of you. These pondering moments will truly help you organize your action for the wedding plans. You’ll see.

Until next time fellow brides…






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