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What Makes a Venue Great

What Makes a Venue Great

Alright, the “Yes!” has been expressed and the ring has it’s bling. After a few years (or, maybe just a few months for some of you!) dreaming about this moment, you’re finally ready to begin planning this new chapter for you and Mr. Forever.

You might be saying to yourself, “What the heck happens now?!”… is it the dress? Do I pick a wedding date? Should I splurge and hire a wedding planner? There’s just too much. Not only are you planning a wedding, but we’re certain you’re remodeling a fixer-upper, working full time (+ over time), juggling a social life, and basically maintaining your overall sanity.

Listen. We get it and we’d like nothing more than to simplify your life. Hence, the reason for this blog and the answer to all of your questions. So, open your eyes wide and read carefully because this is the only answer you’ll need… Pick a great venue. Picking a great venue will do all of the work for you.

Now we’re positive that you’re minds are wandering to more questioning, “What makes a venue great?” Well, here it is.

A great venue offers a well defined style. Select a venue that creates the design for you. A great venue should need minimal decor and offer incredibly stunning surroundings.


A great venue offers the highest level of hospitality. Choose a venue that guides you along the wedding planning process, and gives you a main point of contact whom you can rely on to assist with questions, suggestions, or even just good moral support!


A great venue offers great food. Plain and simple. People love to eat and drink. Decide on a venue that offers restaurant quality food and spirits, and delivers 5-star service.


A great venue offers contacts for the best wedding vendors. Rely on a venue that they will pass you along to the right person on one try. Why? Because a great venue should be friends with all of the leading wedding and event professionals.


That’s it. That is what makes a venue great. Choose a great venue, Choose The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms.



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